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Rural Cowboy

This song is by Bald Vulture and appears on the album Punk Core From Hell (1997).

There was
A time
When life
Seemed right
When people around wouldn't fight
My eyes
To new sunrise
Seeking truth in the lies

Now I understand the meaning of life
And I don't blame you for being so blind
Those lies that you trust are covered with dust
Look out or you'll find them crushing your mind

Open, your eyes, and seek inside
Find it, and wear it with pride
This choice, you've made, will soon be your guide
The spirit of the rural cowboy's mind

Now I, am a thief
Iam a fighter
I'm a liar
Yeah! I am a punker
I steel to feed my brother
And I fight to keep disorder
And I lie to those who wouldn't bother to see the reality

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