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This song is by Bald Vulture and appears on the album Life Is All About... (2000).

Our problems caused animal's problems
Making life miserable for them
I worry that with all these turmoils
There won't be left much for animals

Can't you see that all these species are doomed?
How can't you see all these fucking pools of blood?
I don't think that we're having much time left
We need to create a wave of protest

And I don't understand all the things that you do
Only for the pay dignity's missing
Enough is enough
Should give respect to get respected
But you don't so fuck you! Fuck your ass!
Stop this shit! You make me sick!

We have to do as much things as we can
So it's time to think, to prepare and plan
For rescuing as many species as we can
Yeah... all we need is a big improvment

Take the decision to turn off the slaughter
To stop this fucking serial disaster
To take the time to fix the matter
So they can grow in a better place
In a serene area wilderness

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