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Life Is All About

This song is by Bald Vulture and appears on the album Life Is All About... (2000).

We're animals! living in a constant fear. Animals!like vultures, snakes, doves and baby deers
With our lives! we destroy Mother Nature's earth
When we die! We give back what we get at birth
We've troubles 'cause we're thinking only 'bout ourselves
Animals! Do the same to protect themselves.
You're affraid! Cause you think we're making life hard for them
Look around! We're all having the same kind of problems
You see we're all! In this great big world together
Getting mad! Do you think we'll make it any better?
Pools of blood! Caused by much anger, greed and lack of love
Should we live ? If that's all we ever want to think of?
Bashing heads! Make you think you're better than the rest
When you're dead! Then you'll know if you really pass the test
What is time! If it never stop, always running out
Leave in peace! And you'll find that's what LIFE IS ALL ABOUT

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