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In Spite Of My Smile

This song is by Bald Vulture and appears on the album Life Is All About... (2000).

Look at my face behind my eyes don't stop to look at
This stupid image that I'm project to you that I'm
Project to everybody, day after day discord whit myself
I can't pretend that I'm OK. Total confusion
Am I in the right way ??

In spite of my smile, I'm confuse but now I realize
That choose your futur, choose a good friend, choose your life
After all these effort we die

Look at my face behind my eyes, my liberty suffers
It's death tough, like in a jail, prisoner of these walls
No exit to go out, but I've to find out
I want to, I need to, to find out a way to
To go beyond this conformity, to live from day to day
And I don't want any project 'cause I don't want any regrets
It's why I take this decision, so I think that's the solution
It's all I want

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