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Brainwashing School

This song is by Bald Vulture and appears on the album Life Is All About... (2000).

Each morning of the week, 8 o'clock
Sit on you desk, always the same fucking face in front of the class
I don't like you, you don't like me
Your friendly attitude is just hypocrisy
You're just here for your cash!
I can't place a lonely word
I can't tell you why I'm hungry
Tell me why ? Tell my why ??

Don't speak don't walk!
Don't eat don't laugh!
What is your fucking law?
Don't go outside or simply talk!
Who am I at your eyes?

It's time to make a choice. You're lead by your teacher
You're lead by each others
It's time to make a choice
Doing absolutely all what you got in mind

But if one time I can talk to you, I can explain myself

Vieja concha voy a cortarte el cuello
Soy el loco, cuidado! Como el buitre
Voy a desmenazarte asta la muerta
Empeza la fiesta! Empeza la fiesta!

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