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The Sound of Hibernating (2006)Edit

Balance Problems - The Sound of Hibernating

The Sound of Hibernating

  • (as Brack Cantrell)
  1. Enderly
  2. Driveway Sleeping
  3. Go Tigers
  4. Things Go Wrong
  5. Simply Put
  6. The Fragile Highway
  7. I Was Dreaming Non-Fiction
  8. Closer
  9. Names Cut Into Walls
  10. Brand New Colony (cover of "Brand New Colony" by The Postal Service)
  11. White Christmas

There's Life In The Trees (2007)Edit

Balance Problems - There's Life In The Trees

There's Life In The Trees

  1. Something About Owls
  2. Dirty Windows
  3. The Cactus Life
  4. Enderly
  5. The Sorry Note
  6. How To Die At Peace
  7. Cosmic Rays
  8. Spring Came Early

Separate Chapters (2008)Edit

Balance Problems - Seperate Chapters

Separate Chapters

  1. Obstacles
  2. Papaver
  3. A Ring Around The Moon
  4. Adjust Your Eyes
  5. Garden Song
  6. Turner Falls

Morning Sun (2008)Edit

Balance Problems - Morning Sun

Morning Sun

  1. A Hard Look At The Facts
  2. Morning Sun
  3. The Neighbor Kid Has A Gun
  4. The World's Strongest Man
  5. Iowa
  6. Drive, Sleep, Repeat
  7. Presidents Day
  8. Blankets In The Grass
  9. Winter Sun
  10. The Bo Tree

The Fair Weather Field Guide (2009)Edit

Balance Problems - The Fair Weather Field Guide

The Fair Weather Field Guide

  1. Water Hose
  2. Brother Fungus
  3. Siwah
  4. Drifter
  5. All Ears Now
  6. Lake Monster
  7. For The Trailblazer
  8. Digger's Camp
  9. Paint On The Barn
  10. Prime Mover
  11. All Ears Now (Turkish Bath Version)

Neversummer (2011)Edit

Balance Problems - Neversummer


  1. Neversummer
  2. Yuba River Magik

Other SongsEdit

  1. Wood Burning Stove

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Balance Problems is a performance name for Brack Cantrell.

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Brack Cantrell

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