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When Love Is on Your Side

This song is by Balance Of Power and appears on the album When The World Falls Down (1997).

Summers over, all I'm left with is the rain,
The nights are colder,
Even clouds are not the same,
When you closed the door,
I closed my eyes to everything,
And the clothes you wore, will stay with me, like a tapestry of love,

Tonight's a long one, tonight's a test,
I'll fail again,
So help me someone, so much love has turned to pain,
If I close my eyes I can touch your hair, it's all so clear,
If I really try,
I can dream us both a million miles from here,

If I walk the whole world over,
I'd do it all for just one kiss,
I'll never love this way again,

When love is on your side,
You can't say goodbye,
When your locked in someone's heart,
You can never die, never die,

Surprise me one day, call me, write, or best of all remember those days,
Like summer days we spent in school,
I can't find the words, but that's OK, 'cause no one's here,
And if you overheard, you'd smile that smile that once began our love,

If I never hold another,
I'd live on memories of you,
I'll never love this way again,

Never Die!

Summers over all I'm left with is the rain...