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​If Ever

This song is by Balance Of Power and appears on the album When The World Falls Down (1997).

(Bonus track from Japan)

Do you see me how I see you?
Could you walk for one day in my shoes?
I'd like to be inside of you.
Through your eyes the world looks colder.
A sudden fear of empty space.
Can't shake the memory of you face.
I cannot hide, I know I've tried,
Maybe one day you'll come back I cried,

Remember the Love
Remember the pain,
Will things ever be the same,

If ever you need someone,
I'll be right here waiting,
If ever you need someone,
Baby call me, call me yeah,
The more I learn the less I know,
The less I know is better for me,
Making sense is no defence,
Losing you won't set me free,
You disappeared without a trace,
Can't shake the memories
Of your face,
Now it's up to you,
I'm in your hands,
Bring back my heart and if you can,

Remember the love...