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I Confess

This song is by Bahamadia and appears on the album Kollage (1996).

(Verse One:)

Word life boo, I checked you flexin wit' cha crew
Lookin' sweet enough to chew wit them saint eyes like tha brew,
Roughneck mannerism, fly disposition,
Ya live like channel sparkin' like mad-izm,
My mission, is gettin' into you like a religion,
My woman's intuition tells me cupid's arrow's hittin,
You're the prince with the glass slipper that my foot could fit in,
This feelin' that I have is never endin, I'm sendin, my love like Zhane' up
In a box
With the bow up on the top, cause, for you I got the hots so
Please accept these feelings I possess I'm like a damsel in distress in
Pursuit of happiness, I confess
Chorus: I've been really tryin' baby
Tryin' to hold back these feelings for so long
And if you feel, like I feel baby
Come on, oh, come on

(Verse Two:)

Many men wit mass appeal expand across the globe by the mills,
But still I picked you like a daffodil
Cause you thrill me like magnetic fields that give my body chills,
Perserve my chocolate ties and it's a thrill; I'm sayin'
That when you swing my way I, get a sudden rush,
That entices me not to keep it on the hush-hush,
Boy times girl times lust equals us,
And you can count on that like you would an abacus so
Bust the equation, baby 'cause I'm facin the fact that I only think of you
On two occasions, but I'ma max once I get this off my chest, and just let
Nature do the rest...
I confess

(Verse Three:)

I wanna be down like brandy with you handy for tha duration,
Engage in electric relaxation,
Build a conversation, probe ya intellect,
Put ya manhood to the test, but not just ya physical, ya individual is what
I'm after,
Ya heart I wanna capture, I'm open like a space that NASA explores,
Truly do adore, every little move you make and more, my word is born
But I could go on and on throwin' hints,
That I'm tha chick, you should be celebratin' life wit,
So instead I felt it best if I just,
Stood and represented in the flesh,
That I confess...

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