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One Plus One Is One

This song is by Badly Drawn Boy and appears on the album One Plus One Is One (2004).

Back to being who I was before
Opened all the doors you try to close
And how did that make me feel
I cracked the ceilin, i stared at it too long
Tried to right the wrongs reverse the flow
Now everybodys waiting outside

Trying to feel whats going on inside
Tried to turn the tide and we failed
As the past meets the future it gets clearer that it all boils down to love

And please give me some peace
Please give me some peace

Why cant you see that one plus one is one
Much greater then the sum of the past
And nobodys waiting outside

Failed to see i hid behind the sum
Its time to take the gun out of life
Do be da do be da doo

Now every seed is like the one before
Time to close the doors on myself
As the past becomes the future it gets clearer that it all boils down to love

Written by:

Badly Drawn Boy

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