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Donna and Blitzen

This song is by Badly Drawn Boy and appears on the movie soundtrack About a Boy (2002).

Wait for the light
But you may still slide
Baby it's not your sleigh ride
But this year is ours
And maybe tomorrow
We're gonna see
Things we'd never believe
I'll make you want me you'll see
The initial morning of spring
Only two reindeer
Oh what a sight
As they take their first flight
Oh darling let's all hold tight
I will, I will
I will, I will

I will wait until
For them into the sky
Oh baby it's all inside
I will, I will
I will, I will
I will, I will. I will

Born in the night
As two reindeer take flight
Oh what a sight
I will
I will sleep tonight

Written by:

Badly Drawn Boy

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