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A Minor Incident

This song is by Badly Drawn Boy and appears on the movie soundtrack About a Boy (2002).

There's nothing I could say
To make you try to feel okay
And nothing you could do
To stop me feeling the way I do
And if the chance should happen
That I never see you again
Just remember that I'll always love you

I'd be a better person
On the other side I'm sure
You'd find a way to help yourself
And find another door
To shrug off a minor incident
And make us both feel proud
I just wish I could be there to see you through

You always were the one
To make us stand out in the crowd
Though every once upon a while
Your head was in a cloud
There's nothing you could never do
To ever let me down
And remember that I'll always love you

Written by:

Badly Drawn Boy

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