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Ep1 (1997)Edit

Badly Drawn Boy - Ep1
  1. Riding With Gabriel Greenberg
  2. Shake The Rollercoaster
  3. No Point In Living
  4. Sugarstealer
  5. No Point In Living (reprise)

Ep2 (1998)Edit

Badly Drawn Boy - Ep2
  1. I Love You All
  2. Treeclimber
  3. I Love You All (I Loop You All)
  4. Thinking Of You

Ep3 (1998)Edit

Badly Drawn Boy - Ep3
  1. My Friend Cubilas
  2. I Need A Sign
  3. Interlude
  4. Meet On The Horizon
  5. Road Movie
  6. Kerplunk By Candlelight

It Came From The Ground (1999)Edit

Badly Drawn Boy - It Came From The Ground
It Came From The Ground
  1. It Came From The Ground
  2. Walkman Demo 1
  3. Outside Is A Light 1
  4. Outside Is A Light 2
  5. Walkman Demo 2
  6. It Came From The Ground (Andy Votel Remix)

The Hour of Bewilderbeast (2000)Edit

Badly Drawn Boy - The Hour Of Bewilderbeast
The Hour of Bewilderbeast
  1. The Shining
  2. Everybody's Stalking
  3. Bewilder
  4. Fall in a River
  5. Camping Next to Water
  6. Stone on the Water
  7. Another Pearl
  8. Body Rap
  9. Once Around the Block
  10. This Song
  11. Bewilderbeast
  12. Magic in the Air
  13. Cause a Rockslide
  14. Pissing in the Wind
  15. Blistered Heart
  16. Disillusion
  17. Say It Again
  18. Epitaph

About a Boy (2002)Edit

Badly Drawn Boy - About A Boy
About a Boy
  1. Exit Stage Right
  2. A Peak You Reach
  3. Something to Talk About
  4. Dead Duck
  5. Above You, Below Me
  6. I Love NYE
  7. Silent Sigh
  8. Wet, Wet, Wet
  9. River-Sea-Ocean
  10. S.P.A.T.
  11. Rachel's Flat
  12. Walking Out of Stride
  13. File Me Away
  14. A Minor Incident
  15. Delta (Little Boy Blues)
  16. Donna and Blitzen

Have You Fed the Fish? (2002)Edit

Badly Drawn Boy - Have You Fed The Fish
Have You Fed the Fish?
  1. Coming In to Land
  2. Have You Fed the Fish?
  3. Born Again
  4. 40 Days, 40 Fights
  5. All Possibilities
  6. I Was Wrong
  7. You Were Right
  8. Centrepeace
  9. How
  10. The Further I Slide
  11. Imaginary Lines
  12. Using Our Feet
  13. Tickets to What You Need
  14. What Is It Now?
  15. Bedside Story
Bonus track on Japan release
  1. Last Fruit

One Plus One Is One (2004)Edit

Badly Drawn Boy - One Plus One Is One
One Plus One Is One
  1. One Plus One Is One
  2. Easy Love
  3. Summertime in Wintertime
  4. This Is That New Song
  5. Another Devil Dies
  6. The Blossoms
  7. Year of the Rat
  8. Four Leaf Clover
  9. Fewer Words
  10. Logic of a Friend
  11. Stockport
  12. Life Turned Upside Down
  13. Take the Glory
  14. Holy Grail
Bonus tracks on US release
  1. Don't Ask Me, I'm Only the President
  2. Plan B

Born in the U.K. (2006)Edit

Badly Drawn Boy - Born In The U.K.
Born in the U.K.
  1. Intro/Swimming Pool Part 1
  2. Born in the U.K.
  3. Degrees of Separation
  4. Welcome to the Overground
  5. A Journey from A to B
  6. Nothing's Gonna Change Your Mind
  7. Promises
  8. The Way Things Used to Be
  9. Without a Kiss
  10. The Long Way Round (Swimming Pool)
  11. Walk You Home Tonight
  12. The Time of Times
  13. One Last Dance

Is There Nothing We Could Do? (2009)Edit

Badly Drawn Boy - Is There Nothing We Could Do?
Is There Nothing We Could Do?
  1. Opening Theme
  2. Is There Nothing We Could Do?
  3. A Gentle Touch
  4. All the Trimmings
  5. Welcome Me to Your World
  6. Guitar Medley
  7. Is There Nothing We Could Do? (Reprise)
  8. Big Brian Arrives
  9. Amy in the Garden
  10. Been There, Verified
  11. Just Look at Us Now?
  12. Wider Than a Smile
  13. Piano Theme
  14. The Letter
  15. I'll Carry On

It's What I'm Thinking (Part One: Photographing Snowflakes) (2010)Edit

Badly Drawn Boy - It's What I'm Thinking (Part One- Photographing Snowflakes)
It's What I'm Thinking (Part One: Photographing Snowflakes)
  1. In Safe Hands
  2. The Order of Things
  3. Too Many Miracles
  4. What Tomorrow Brings
  5. I Saw You Walk Away
  6. It's What I'm Thinking
  7. You Lied
  8. A Pure Accident
  9. This Electric
  10. This Beautiful Idea

Being Flynn (2012)Edit

Badly Drawn Boy - Being Flynn
Being Flynn
  1. I'll Keep The Things You Throw Away
  2. Asleep At The Wheel
  3. Harbor Street
  4. It's Too Late
  5. Last Day
  6. The Smile Behind Your Face
  7. Priest
  8. Coming To Your Senses
  9. Sell My Blood
  10. The Space Between My Ears
  11. Jonathan Goes To Work
  12. Letter, Mirror
  13. Another Day, Another Night
  14. Letter To The President
  15. Let It Rain

Non-Album TracksEdit

  1. Bottle Of Tears (released on the single Disillusion)
  2. Wrecking The Stage (released on the single Disillusion)
  3. Soul Attitude (released on the single Once Around The Block)
  4. Distant Town (released on the single Another Pearl)
  5. Chaos Theory (released on the single Another Pearl)
  6. A Better Way (released on the single Silent Sigh)
  7. Walk In The Park With Angie (released on the single Something To Talk About)
  8. Hamster Countdown (released on the single Something To Talk About)
  9. My Name's Not Down (released on the single Something To Talk About)
  10. Golden Days (released on the single Born Again)
  11. There's A Storm (released on the single Born Again)
  12. Walk Away Reneé (released on the single All Possibilities)
  13. Where Were You (released on the single All Possibilities)
  14. Let The Sunshine In (released on the single All Possibilities)
  15. One Wrong Turn (released on the single Nothing's Gonna Change Your Mind)

Other SongsEdit

The songs listed below should be split into albums. Please remove this section once this has been done. (more information)
  1. All Possiblities
  2. Black And White Dream (Demo)
  3. Can Is Open
  4. Celebrate
  5. Come On Eileen
  6. Don't Ask Me I'm Only The President
  7. Donna & Blitzen (1998 Version)
  8. I Love All
  9. Jewel Thief
  10. Journey From A To B
  11. Just Look At Us Now
  12. No Point Living
  13. Nursery Rhyme
  14. Outside Is A Light
  15. Push Me, Pull Me
  16. Sha La La
  17. Skidding Out Of Control
  18. Spitting In The Wind
  19. Swimming Pool
  20. Takes The Glory
  21. The Can Is Open
  22. Thunder Road
  23. Whirlpool
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