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Look Out California

This song is by Badfinger and appears on the album Airwaves (1979).

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Bags are packed, jumpin' on a jet today
Feel so good 'cause I'm gettin' back to the U.S.A.
Temperature's risin', I'm flyin' back to the sun
Hangin' around old London town
Ain't good for too, too long

Look out California, I gotta warn ya
Look out solar city
You're lookin' pretty to me, yeah, to me

Feel so good, gettin' back to Rock 'N' Roll
So long since it felt so right to my very soul
My temperature's risin' 'cause I'm layin' back in the sun
Kickin' around old L.A. town
Too much, too much good fun

Got a good deal from a prominent record man
We're tryin' our hardest just to follow the plan
Back on the airwaves
Back in the airwaves
Back on the airwaves

(Guitar solo (Joey Molland))

(Back, back in the airwaves)
(Back, back in the airwaves)
(Back, back in the airwaves)
(Back, back in the airwaves)

Look out California (back, back in the airwaves)
I gotta warn ya (back, back in the airwaves)
Look out solar city (back, back in the airwaves)
You're lookin' pretty to me (back, back in the airwaves)
(To me, to me, to me)
Yeah, to me (to me)
To me (to me, to me, to me)
To me (to me).

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