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This song is by Badfinger and appears on the album Maybe Tomorrow (1969) by The Iveys and on the album Magic Christian Music (1970).

Your name is whispered by the passing breeze
Proclaims your beauty to the tallest trees
And you're mine, Angelique.

You stand alone 'cause none compares with you
So far from those who try to be with you
And you're mine, Angelique.

Your kisses only like the morning dew
You smile, the whole wide world it smiles with you
And you're mine, Angelique.

La la la ...
And you're mine, Angelique.

I'll never be with you
Never ever touch your hand
So I'll just dream of you
Lonely in my wonderland.

When will I ever meet a girl like you ?
And if I do, how will I know it's true
That you're mine, Angelique ?

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