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...You Give Up

This song is by Bad Religion and appears on the album Into The Unknown (1983).

So you've given it all you can
And your life is in the garbage can
And you say you're tired and dry
'Cause your mind won't let you cry
So you hang up what's left inside
And you want to kiss it all goodbye

You're lost in space, you're swirling ever higher
You're lost on your own, you're too far from home
You're no one's friend, you gave it your best try yeah
You're stuck in the drone, of being alone

You turn to light, but all you get is darkness
Your head turns to stone, your numbness has grown
You're stuck inside your little world of rejects
The good world unknown, you're stuck in the drone

You never know that feeling till you try
That healing feeling can turn you all about
And you can see the second wave of life
That losers triangle sets you down and out

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