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Ride Or Get Rode On

This song is by Bad Habitz.

We're back! Hahahahaha
The Untouchable Death Row
Still platinum-plus on you bitch made niggas
Uh uh, DJ 2 Tuff baby
Yeah uh, check it out (Death ROW)

You can ride or get rode on, rode on
You can steal or get stole on, stole on
You can stomp or get stepped on, stepped on
You can creep or get crept on nigga!

(You tried to ride) But in the process got rode on
(You tried to steal) But in the process got stoled on
Now tell me dogg how you want this to happen?
We can start rappin', take it to the streets and start strappin
Gobbles be yappin, I cut their tongues off, if not
I have everybody when they spit it out their mouth
Now what you thought, that I'd be too desperate with the truth?
You spoke up on this devil, now watch me improve to you
I bring more ??? to this game than Bryant Gumble
I hated to rob, sorry keep it down to a mumble
I'm just a step away from being America's most wanted
But the doggs in my coon that roam is full bloody
Who done it? Boy, I swear I'm bout to start gunnin
Those who never seen it comin', start runnin'
Deliverin buckshots and low blows
So ride on with these Habitz and gotcha back stranded on the Row

I come equipped with two 9's and fo' clips
Everytime I bust and leave burns or fo'-fifths
Then you run like Miller, on the hunt like Matilda
Abolish MC's, terrorise the Earth like Godzilla
Don't slip, I'm the skinny nigga with the phone grip
I represent Cali, 'stead of the Bloods and Crips
Slug protect, and we known for loot
There ain't a hood in Compton that ain't down with suit
I'm a ridah, fool that loves to ride
I'm not Sinbad, I never lose out on a vibe
I be the one to bomb first, put your ass in a body bag
Wit your bloody rag, you fucked around and made me mad
So why you tryin' me?
I leave you ride or get rode on like Kane did on Menace II Society
(Young blood you bold/bald) And I'm never gon' fall off
Don't give us niggas the silent treatment, you can't call this dogg off

If you ride for me, I'ma ride for you
If I get rode on, I get rode on too
If you ride for me, I'ma ride for you
If I get rode on, I get rode on too

Hehehe, young niggas don't want no problems with Bad Habitz or Death Row
It's on the real, nigga, we comin' for you

Niggas be like "Damn dogg, it's dem again"
We can jump into some gangsta shit or settle it like gentlemen
Love To Love You like Timbaland
I draw heat and bodies gone multiply like water to Gremlins
Plus I rush niggas off adrenalin
Catch big cases, murder off of big faces like Benjamins
Are you crazy? You must be
'Cause I'm pullin Glocks while you niggas throwin' rocks like it's rings
I made you believe hell's hot
Who got shells? Hot shells, I shot shells and left you shellshocked
You niggas doomed in the dark from my 9 milli boss
Better ride on these niggas like an amuzement park
You sneak a ride on our ridahs and I, kill killers
Some hardcore like Keith, on all hammers, on three-wheelers
Niggas get destroyed battlin me
You have a better chance of catchin a Willie D with teeth like Leroy

You can creep or get crept on nigga...!
You can creep or get crept on nigga...!

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