Bad Cabbage:Your Rude (Get Fucked) Lyrics

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Your Rude (Get Fucked)

This song is by Bad Cabbage.

I just wanna be seen by you, while you just wanna be seen
Everybody notices you but you just dont notice me

I just wanna be right for you while you just wanna be right
I've got plenty of pictures of you, a pin up for every night

I just wanna sleep next to you, while you just sleep and say next
You've sucked half of the neighbourhood, my friends said you are the best

I just wanna be loved by you, and you just wanna be loved
Everybody knows it's true, you're a bitch and you are a slut

I just wanna be fucked by you while you just wanna get fucked
You're so rude you wanna get fucked, so rude just go and get fucked (x2)

Get fucked

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