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Some Kind Of Bird Of Prey

This song is by Bad Business and appears on the album Bad Business (2003).

Here we stand at the edge of infinite science
Once again claims its victory
As we hide under our desks
Hardly safe in the hopes that someone has a fucking clue
The sirens
The screams
The world stops the sky rips
And all that will come is death
Paralyzed and waiting for this infinitesimal promise to be kept
By unseen hands across the sea
And I wonder how many of our "enemies"
Thought these same thoughts
Did they meet their ends with stoic calm
Or were their lives ripped screaming
From bloody blistered fingers
All it takes is one to be used and it's light out for us all
He who laughs last stil gets fucked
Fuck this is hardly a life
Just do it
Drop the bomb

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