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Hurricane Damage

This song is by Bad Business and appears on the album Bad Business (2003).

"This should work!"
I scream and I clutch to these written down plans
But people don't always feel the way a pen tells them to
And that's ok
This is easier said than felt
How long can I stay on this rainy diffuse island
It's so far to the shore and I am such a shitty swimmer
Where have I been these last four weeks
I hate it! I hate it!
You scream for me but I cannot come and grip your hand
"I know the answers to all these questions I have"
"Then don't ask them"
Is this what the end of the world smells like
Your absence drawn and quartered by my desires
And I don't know how to make these choices
We run through the new york streets in the rain
You slip to fall and I catch you nine times total
All it takes is a few mistaken words of pointless paranoid thoughts
To bring this all to a crashing halt

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