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Crows In The Snow

This song is by Bad Business and appears on the album Bad Business (2003).

The end is here again

16 years spent in careful preparation for this next step into the global abyss

I find myself about to be ejected from the womb again

Head first into the dream-crushing factory

Good-bye snow maybe we'll meet again

When I return from brazil or madagascar

Can I really do whatever I want

These plants in my house are dying

They say the west coast is the best coast

But I honestly wouldn't know

It's 2 am and I'm watching the west train crawl by

This is as close as I get

I might stay right here or I make my living betting on jai alai

Is there strength in numbers for an art student

Like crows in the snow at genesee park

All dressed in black jackets and black shoes (staring down fate)

As if our ideals could keep us alive

She said that we are not the first to feel and she was right

Angry and alone and lost but I have so much more I could do here

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