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Sacred Love

This song is by Bad Brains and appears on the album I Against I (1986) and on the live album The Youth Are Getting Restless (1990).

Sacred love,
Sacred love,
Sacred love,
Sacred love,
Baby baby baby,
I don't want come to me as a whore,
Don't lust off my body baby,
That's a bore,
I see our love as being sacred,
Just you and me,
We don't need our business in the streets,

I'm in here, you're out there,
We know what's right,
No crying no lying,
Our hearts declared,
Sacred love,
Sacred love,
Sacred love,
Sacred love,

Maybe maybe maybe
Jah will bless us to be one tomorrow,
Visits from you every Tuesday,
Right on time
A picture of you came through in the mail,
No you're not far.
You've got me hanging on a miracle,
I'm in here, you're out there.
We know a prayer,
No crying, no lying.
Our hearts declare.
Sacred love, sacred love.
It's not a physical communication.
Be brave persevere through it all.
I and I get sickled on sacred love.
I and I get tickled.
Sacred love.

Written by:

Dr. Know, Phil Hudson and Darryl Jenifer

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