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This song is by Bad Blood and appears on the album Inner Peace Outer Grief (2007).

Reaching the end
Never ever ever reap the reward
Isolation drains life empty
Through the eye of the storm
Fool all eternity and emerge within the strain
Expose faith and pain
Struggle lose the way
Bleak mirage, bleak mirage so despised
Harbours the wasted faith disguise
Heavenly worlds at war
Drag Temptation back and forth
Desire fails to cease not what you're praying for

Point of no return
It'll slowly burn
So sick of the lies
Believe the rise and fall whatever for? Am I really alive?
So worthless

Reaching out's too late
Don't tempt fate
Now it's drifting away
Finding faith from it
No belief in it
There's a coming of age
So worthless

Exploiting the faith you gave
Worthless reputation stained
Heat is rising beyond the grave
Motivation for life has changed

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