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​Live Without U

This song is by Bad Babes.

I thought you left me here alone
I want to know just what you know
I need to hold you in my arms tonight
And know that ur all right

I wanna c u when the sun goes down
I wanna c u when I wake up
Just tell me baby you won't leave me
And that ur hear to stay

Don't go I want to not be alone
'Cause baby I can't live without u
I need you to hold my hand so tight

'Cause baby I just can't live without u

Lonlyness hurts the heart
The way to stop the way to start
Don't you mess me around
'Cause baby I smash you to the ground
Livin' without you woz the hardest thing
And 'cause of that uv drove me to sing
This littlesong
I'll pretend there's nouthing wrong
I am tired of being alone
I ain't gonna take it any MORE

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