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This song is by Bad Astronaut and appears on the album Houston We Have A Drinking Problem (2002).

Day one, just starting to make it my obsession.
4 AM, two stars,
Drunk in hell, waiting for sun.
Day two, I call you by mistake:
"Hello, how are you? I'm fine,
I miss you too,"
You don't give a shit.
There's another town to hit;
There's another girl,
She'll surely destroy my world.

A single good morning,
A "Well, good night";
An overture's ending
As curtains rise.

Pay the bail again,
Pay the man at the front desk for the memories.
Time to crash on the long drive,
And see old friends, tell them how I died;
Some small words say you're alive.
A thinly veiled disguise:
They see the look in your eyes...
A single good evening, a "Well, goodbye,"
The worst of intentions or wasted lives;
A sentence, a segue, falling by the wayside;
I'm not the one who wanted this.
Goodnight kiss doesn't feel the same in long distance.
Goodbye kiss doesn't feel the same;
Goodbye kiss doesn't feel the same;
Goodbye kiss doesn't feel the same at all.

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