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Exit To The City

This song is by Bad 4 Good.

Saturday night
just got paid
I'll make my exit to the city
I'm on a high speed getaway
Reach my hand in the bag
and I'm ready to roll
Out on the run
Out of control

This time I'll take the exit
This time i"m getting off

Lookin for somethin
I'm lookin over the lights
I'm on a buuuuuuuuurn
I'm gonna fuck a fight
Get it into my head
get it out of my head
we're comin for you
i said, we're comin for you

This time i'll take the exit
this time I"m gettin off
(come on)

Out of my bag
ready to roll
Out on the run
Straight to my head
Out of my head
onto the lights
(all right)
Exit to the city

Saturday day night X4

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