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Robber Of Life

This song is by Backyard Babies and appears on the album Total 13 (1998) and on the compilation Independent Days (2001).

I've been here, been there
I've been every god damn where
You're a robber of life
And if you were a woman would you be my wife

I'm no loser in the end
Don't tell me that you understand
'Cause everything is just a frame
Come on

I'm no sucker you can bend
I've got a rendezvous in hell
Life for me is just a game
Where everybody's crazy!

I know that Jesus was a fool
Maybe he was kinda wool
But I don't know what to do no more
When everybody's crazy

I've been here, been there
I've been every motherfuckin' where
You're a robber of life
And if you were a woman you would be my wife, I swear

Tonight you wanna do some
Tonight you wanna be one
One of 'em guys who sold their souls
For the rock n' roll remote control
You switch your channel and do what you're told
I can't lie, I won't cry
But maybe I'll meet him before I die
Too soon it's too late, man
Am I angel or concrete hate?
But I got horns and I got wings
But I won't fly until my angel sings for me
They say fly, they sing
They say die, I say why?
But I won't let 'em in the ring
It's gonna take some time 'til my angel sings

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