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My Demonic Side

This song is by Backyard Babies and appears on the album Making Enemies Is Good (2001).

I'm in a world of reality
But think again 'cause it's misery
How come I feel like I'm on the run?
Turns a boy into a man

PRE-CHORUS: Can't get through
I'm out in the blue
Look what you put me through
I'm out in the blue

CHORUS:Tell me this
Would you follow me to hell and back?
Are you living in a broken dream?
I've been hiding my demonic side
Because the promises were lies

My world's spinning in a roundabout
I wake up scared and I scream and shout
What kind of man rides a chicken race?
A boy that wants to be a man

Somebody save me
You'll never understand
You think maybe it's complicated
Baby what you see is never what you get

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