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Made Me Madman

This song is by Backyard Babies and appears on the album Total 13 (1998) and on the compilation Independent Days (2001).

One got down three to go well everybody cares
But no one seems to show 'cause when I wake up
In the morning I can't feel bad for the party we
Never had...

For the coolest he’s a kick for the teeth on
The boy without a record deal -that's how it is-
Four got down but for the next time we might
Hang around

Wow! Yeah!
I might make a madman
Wow! Yeah!
'Cause you made me madman

All the trouble that has stuck with us so long and
All the problems that have fucked with us so wrong
Not in the right time fatso
Straight in line forget so-now

Wow! Yeah!
I might... (3)

Written by:

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