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Juicy Lucy

This song is by Backyard Babies and appears on the album Something To Swallow (1989).

Now I wanna tell you a story about a girl I used to know
She was like a dream come true to me
She was oh so fine
Wanna tell you a story
It's not the one you think it is
And it's all about my town
She lived down by the river in this old black man's dirty house
They all tell she won't last so long
But that's the problem baby, see
I wanna be your man tonight
Well I don't wanna be
I don't wanna be alone
Lyin' on my bedroom floor
And baby listen to a dusty radio
Got a bottle of whiskey in front of me
'Cause that's one hell of a good friend
Well I don't wanna be
Well I don't wanna be alone
Do you wanna play
Do you wanna play my dirty games?
I live upstairs, baby, so far away from you
You live down under me but I hear you knocking every god damn night
Do you remember all the flowers I gave you when you said you
Where lonely
You're so close but out of reach
So wasting my time on you
I don't mind anymore
Well I don't wanna be ...
I live upstairs
Oh, mama, I hear you knocking
Don't turn out the light
'Cause I might come back home to you
Well iI don't wanna be ...
I live upstairs
She's down and dirty baby now
'Cause juicy Lucy never missed the rollin' train
Oh yeah

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