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Bite And Chew

This song is by Backyard Babies and appears on the album From Demos To Demons 1989-1992 (2003).

My baby girl she's mean to me
She a wrapped up little lady
Baby, can't you see?

Can't live with?
Nothing at all

I bet you're proud of the things you've done
I bet you're proud when you rip my face
I can't believe what you're talking about
Stop your talking I don't need no
God damn?
Can't you see

Bite and chew
And there ain't no way around
Bite and chew
And there ain't no way
Can't you see, now the walls keeps tumbling down

You got me going like a spinning wheel
And when it's done you wanna crocify me
It's like I'm going in a new direction
You're ripping?
But I can't hear your prayers anymore

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