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Who Do You Love

This song is by Backstreet Boys.

I know he's driving...a fancy car
When you're with him you're feeling like a star
But when I'm at home alone...I think only of you
So, what do you know? How does it grow?
So, how can he buy a love that's...not for sale?
If you two were so in love I couldn't
Cuz when I'm at home alone I hear your heart, it spells
You gotta know... and how does it grow?

Who do you love?
Who do you love?
Girl, I know that you are torn between what was and what could be
I wanna know, gotta know, wanna know, gotta know...
Who do you love?
Do you love?
Oh, yeah

So let's take some time find a way
'Cause there's just so......many things I need to say
(So...many things that I need to say)
Cuz when the lights are down and love is in the air
And I need to you really care?
(Do you really care, baby?)

CHORUS - repeat

Girl, I've found I just can't leave you alone
(And nobody's gonna tell me I'm wrong)
And I promise I will make of our own
And if you're ever in need
Put your full trust in me
And I will never leave you at home...


Who do you love?

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