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I'll Never Find Someone Like You

This song is by Backstreet Boys.

Original video
I'll never find'
I'll never find someone like you

Girl, you take my breathe away
And when I'm with someone new, I'd rather be here with you
Baby, forever'
My heart belongs to you, cause I think about you all the time
I know my love is true when we're together
I played around girl, and I made you cry
When I looked up you were saying goodbye
I'm begging you please, I need you so bad
Don't leave me now, you're the best that i've had

I'll never, I'll never find someone like you
I promise this is true, no i'll never
I'll never find someone like you
Cause I love, the way that you are
And girl, I won't, no I won't let you go
No one could ever do, love you like I love you

All I have is just my heart and my feelings I give to you
That's all that I can do girl, baby forever
Oh, you don't know that you're hurting me
Cause it's not just a sexual thing
I wanna share my dreams, baby together
Girl I'm afraid just to give you the world
My heart still it needs to hold on to my love
But when you get close, I want you to know
I start to get weak and I can't let you go


Just your smile'That's all I need
Tenderness...Girl, I won't let you down
Girl, I will never find no one that compares to you

Chorus x2

I'll never find someone like you'

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