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​Voorhees, Krueger, Myers, And Bush

This song is by Backstabbers Incorporated and appears on the album Kamikaze Missions (2004).

This one's a ghost tale, so you can turn and tell him of your fight to death
And he'll grin, and he'll nod, and he'll say he understands
This fortunate son
You fortunate son
We should all be as lucky as to be patted on the ass every time we lie, cheat and steal from the pee-ons
Your silver spoon must have given you the idea of playing father figure / fucking Santa Clause
Because I remember the time you gave me and the rest of your nation's children hush money in the amount of three hundred bucks
We were supposed to call it even, shrug our shoulders and give up on anything better
I'm sure you want me to think of this every time I see your spoiled, ugly face plastered on every propaganda machine you can bribe, and I do
I think of it every time I hear "another thousand dead"
Another day like the rest
"Signing off, goodnight an god bless"
"Another thousand dead, a thousand laid to rest"
This bastard signed us off with goodnight and god bless
You fucking fortunate son
Is this what you wanted? There aren't enough holesin the ground to bury the lives that you've wrecked