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Right On Man...And Once We're Done Bombing Those Fuckers, Let's Go Back To My House And Rub

This song is by Backstabbers Incorporated and appears on the compilation album Bare as Bones (2003).

You didn't think we'd notice? You didn't think we'd see? Well through these ice blue eyes, your American pride is fucking lies... and (tell me... please) what do these colors stand for, my dear? YOUR red stripes are for the blood on your hand and the bodies on the fucking sidewalks... YOUR white stripes are designed to blind the blackened hearts who have seen too much... and YOUR blue background that we hold so high?... It's just a subtle reminder of our faces as we choke to death on the shit we've been spoonfed for fucking years. I'm not YOUR fucking "brother"... and this is not YOUR fucking country... and that's the difference between us. We're all getting fucked by the "American dream".

(Some of the ones waving American flags from their trucks and from their front porches are the same ones who have no problem beating the shit out of a gay couple walking down the street holding hands, or throwing racial slurs in the face of anyone with a different skin tone than the all mighty caucasian... fuck you all... fuck your "patriotism"...maybe it's me, but I find it strange you all found your love for this country after you watched cnn religiously in the days following September eleventh... how exciting!...we finally have a noteworthy tragedy!..let's all unite!...a crisis!..spare me ...there's a fucking crisis in this "great" fucking country of YOURS each and every day... did you forget??? can all focus on that one day and the four thousand plus that lost their lives... I'll remember each and every other day... how many have died for their sexuality?... for their skin tone?...for their beliefs on abortion?...for standing up for what they believe in?...for saying the wrong thing to their abusive father/mother?...husband/wife?...son/daughter?...way too many... did you forget about them?...last summer, I went to a fest called "posi numbers" where I watched as a band from Canada (that everyone loves) took every chance they could to shout out "let's see all you faggots move...", "i wanna see you fags fuck this place up..." et cetera, et cetera... when they were done, one kid out of the crowd grabbed the mic, and told the crowd he had hoped hardcore was past the point of resorting to name calling such as "faggot", just to get kids to move around... he was greeted with a total of about 20 kids clapping (I was one of them)...and from the moment he got off the stage he was targeted... the next night at that fest... he wore an American flag as a cape (I think in honor of American nightmare and the passion they play with), and ran around for the bands he enjoyed (encompassing a true hardcore spirit, in my opinion)...after one of the bands played, I looked over and saw words being shouted at this kid (I think he was being told to take the flag off..)...when the kid tried to respond by asking what this guy was talking about, he was intrrupted with "shut the fuck up, and don't you soil MY flag you fucking faggot..."...before he could respond... he was sucker punched... uninstigated... uncalled for... suckerpunched for speaking his mind... that's the "America" I see... I pledge allegiance to the one's who though they had a chance... wake the fuck up)

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