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I Wish You Were Here (So I Could Tell You To Leave)

This song is by Backstabbers Incorporated and appears on the compilation album Bare as Bones (2003).

Is there something you need to tell me?
Otherwise stay silent, like you have for all these years, because I don't need you or your smiles. I'dve done just fine without the thoughts
Is there something you need to explain to me?
It all doesn't fit, you see? I don't need you, just your answers.
You're not dragging me in while you rot, wasted, just like my memories.
Lost, you pushed away all you had.
Gone, my thoughts of better times... the truth?
You never belonged.
Scared, you could not stand the thought... and the rage?
The blood was on your hands.
Forget the years that pass you by, and numb to that which you held closest.
Dead are the feelings felt for you, and your blood will never flow through my veins.
Your action will never be repeated.
One day you'll be walking by and I won't give you a second glance, you'll try and stop and talk to me, but I won't give you the chance.
You question what it is you've done to make me feel this way?
It's funny I ask myself the same thing, I just can't quite remember anymore.