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I'll Cut My Hair When You Pick Up That Name You Dropped

This song is by Backstabbers Incorporated and appears on the compilation album Bare as Bones (2003).

Everything is not fine
And I'll be damned if I walk that flatline, like all the kids that slit their wrists and try to balance on this tightrope
As fiction turns to fact, more smiles are pushed face down in the dirt...
And new tales of heroism are taught to virgin ears as soon as they show signs of free thinking
I was taught one too many lies from a school that didn't care...
I was told to believe in a god that no one has proof is even fucking there
We are
We are not...
Not the fucking students...
We are the target practice for the headhunters we hold so high in respect
What a fucking joke...
Taught to be raising our hands when we should be raising our fucking fists

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