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Four Stars

This song is by Backstabbers Incorporated and appears on the album Kamikaze Missions (2004).

There will be no sorry's
There will be no forgive me's
There will be no apologies for this
You can trust this from a liar
You can trust this from a man who lost his way
Hang your head and blow the candles out
Believe me when I say that nothing you ever spoke of made an impact on your target's ears
Because I've heard it all before
(No I haven't)
And it's all been done before
(Far from it)
A parting shot and a fucking staycheck
This is what you've done for me? This is how it's supposed to be? Fuck this
No fucking way
Fuck this
And I'm supposed to lie down and take it? I'm supposed to put my pills where my faith is? Will someone please explain to the speaker of the house that he's mistaken? The names are gone, the faces blurred
The lives are ruined even with the smiles still intact
Do you see a gleam in these eyes? Who else wants to burn today? This
This is the great American tragedy as we speak
And when I screamed, "the blood is frozen, the deals are done..." it's only taken me five fucking years to call my own bluff
With honor, with grace, with my blood still flowing thinner than water
It's all full-circle when the eyes look back to say goodbye, and have to deal with my back turned walking away
Here lies another dead spirit, when we should have been leaving our mark on every street corner in every town we drive through
What's done is done, and what's done is wrong, and you're hoping for is these things to matter, when everything is as good as gone
You're goddamn right this is terror
You've made us hostages, and you've got no demands
You'd rather watch as we sit and rot in the sun and see the loved ones pass us by with blank stares, being told to leave their aspirations at the gates
You're goddamn right this is terror, and I'm sick of lying down
I should have screamed this a long time ago, in between medications, in between slave wages, in between false hopes, in between faith in liars, faith in healing faith in the face of test after fucking test
They told me it's all over...
Well, I'm coming for more
I've heard it all before
It's still fucking war

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