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​Film Noir's Got Nothing On Us

This song is by Backstabbers Incorporated and appears on the album Kamikaze Missions (2004).

It's a story with every breath, and every bookend is choking to death
This is the age of the sick and the dying, the age of the buried and burning
And we sat and wited in silencce as the words got louder and louder
You brought this on yourself
With blindfold and gags, this game was mapped out from the moment we came to
Your heroes are liars and your gods are rotting as if they were never even there
This should have been the year of the tried and true, not another stone washed face trading himself for the heartless red white and blue
I hope you got the chance to sell your hopes and dreams before he got to you, because if not, he'll just steal them without even the blink of aneye
Your first mistake was thinking that they would never remember you, let alone give a shit
That's how it goes in this age
And by now I bet you're wishing that you had never signed that line, and that you were back at home in that hellhole that you left behind
This is the age of the sick and the dying
All the eyes are on you
I hope they didn't make you burn any beds
I hope they told you that your leader lied through his teeth
I'm sure the'll make you believe it'll all be worth it in the end
I'm sure they never told you they sent you on a kamikaze mission
The end is never when you expect it