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Everything Left Unsaid In The Last 30 Songs Or So

This song is by Backstabbers Incorporated and appears on the compilation album Bare as Bones (2003).

It's so much worse when you've got something to say, but the words seem to never come out right.
Another day with a sleepless night, and I'dm not closing the door, but it's hightime I say goodbye.
Can't we just go?
Get the fuck out of
Dodge before you wake up with yet another regret, and the day is fucking dead before you open your eyes.
And we've all been there before, so I'dm sure you all know what I mean.
Let's forget everything we've been told, and bring this world to its fucking knees.
What are you waiting for?
As if you haven't been told this before, and it's not as if you're never going to hear it again.
And screaming another catch phrase when this music stops doesn't work anymore, because when it's all said and done, these problems are still fucking there.
Verse, chorus, verse, then you die.
And I hope this wakes you up, because I'dm done blaming myself

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