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​Distortion, Please

This song is by Backstabbers Incorporated and appears on the album Kamikaze Missions (2004).

This is cancer, right? Whe you walk into those empty rooms and hope someone follows you in just to take notes
You can only check in so many times with an artificial smile
And you want to believe that you're here for yourself, but you know better than that
You want to believe that the 40 hours isn't killing you day by day, that the home you live in is your own, though you can't even paint the walls
I can hear you breathing and I know you hope it stops
I should have known since I was five and I watched those leaves hit the ground, and it was one of the only times I ever felt alive
Now it's twenty years gone by
Two decades of descent
Still waiting fore someone, something to prove me wrong
And I'd like to call you up, and tell you things that would make me look better than I'll ever fucking be, but it's a waste of my time and yours
So lets see those eyes well up
Sons and daughters, this place needs a black flag just to break even
They're searching for all the wrong answers in a ribcage
Don't bother looking ...
You won't fucking find me
You can't kill someone who's as good as dead
Check your fucking backbone