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​Concrete Evidence Supporting The Educational Value Of Snuff Films (When It's A Secret That Everyone Knows)

This song is by Backstabbers Incorporated and appears on the EP While You Were Sleeping (2001).

It's so easy to say things are going so fast when you're the fucking catalyst. so the truth seems to come out so much more now and the words seem to mean so much more now from me and what are you gonna do? tomorrow's never a promise yet you act as if the next calendar day is etched in stone well, fuck tomorrow, ther's too many things I didn't do today never mind dwell on the shit that will go unaccomplished in the next fuck it man, I'm not your conscience I'm just another bullseye and a hand over your mouth while you shisper in the next persons ear won't keep me from hearing the words you say because rumors spread much faster than the music these lines are set to spare me your 'drama' spare me your 'friendship' because both can be filed under fiction you're still the same (a politician) every word you've said to me (filed under fiction) se, tell them all what they want to hear because that's all that seems to matter but when the teeth marks embedded on your fucking hand remind you of the empty promises and the broken trust blame yourself, because your apologies are wasted on the rest of us spare me your 'drama' and spare me your fucking 'friendship' because it's gone