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Buy That Fucker A Graveyard Dance(File Under Hostility 2.0)

This song is by Backstabbers Incorporated and appears on the EP While You Were Sleeping (2001).

When we decide the form of punishment we are greted
With fists in the air
(A bright future ahead of you) "you'll do us proud"
Forgetting the dismissals of the faces in the crowd
The signs are there and we appear with open hands
Prescriptions for us all what has gone wrong
Now is just gone, with a new symptom developing
And we'll treat all these symptoms one by one a pill for every flaw
We can't all be different anymore thre'd be too much to focus on (please note sarcasm)
We'd rather be as secure as can be as long as we're within the confines of the daily meds
Passing through these days with bloodshot eyes in hopes to achieve a normal life
Never realizing that when we swallow it down we're taking a number
And sitting, and waiting. the numbers called... time is up
The skin finally has a chance to catch up to the corpse inside that altered skull

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