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​The System

This song is by Backside and appears on the album No Today (1995).

Violence pain oppression destruction the world's abduction our daily
Productionthe greed the hate the fear and corruption the system's grip
And it's mass consumption the politicians and all their decisions another
Religion it's all competion to beat one another to kill off your brother
While one grows richer and the other grows poorer the gangs the colors
The government the leader the boss the president the gun the bullet the
Innocent, the teacher the student the time not spent, somebody's lying
Somebody's dying somebody's hiding the fact that we're falling bombs are
Exploding the country's imploding blood on the pavement has stained it
Forever and you won't believe it when you refuse to see it the system's
Corrupted and we're all a part of it using each other the point being made
Here when this contest is over there wont be a winner.