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The American Way

This song is by Backside and appears on the album No Today (1995).

I pledge allegiance to of the united state of something or other and to
The republic for which it stands on the public's head is the coomanding
Officer in charge of the state in charge of the police in charge of
Everything I see and read do or say spend or pay in charge of my coming's
And going's today they told me the American way meant I can say what I
Want to say but I know that road only leads one way and that's straight
To jail no money no bail I'm guiltyof someone else's crime tried and
Charged for speaking my mind can't say what I feel at the wrong place
Or time can't feel the wrong way or I'm out of line politically correct
I have a hard time pronouncing that can you ever try to accept an idea
That differs from your own so who do I pay for what I believe what do I
Say for you to be pleased do I really have the right to freedom of speech
And an opinion or is that out of style can I go where I wan today or will
I be blocking somebody's way that's better than me that knows what to say
With all the right words the American way.

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