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​Standard Issue

This song is by Backside and appears on the album No Today (1995).

You go to punk shows when it a trend to check out all the latest bands but
Who cares what the music says as long as people you there have a few drinks
By the door get your courage up after four now you're just out looking for
Somebody's ass to kick you're just a standard issue nothing but a standard
Issue ten one one is lots of fun to punch and kick and hit someone but you
Won't laugh when you're the one who's bleeding on the floor talk your shit
As loud as you can show everyone that you're a man with that bottle in your
Hand someday you're gonna understand now hit someone in their back
Intelligence is what you look your best for all the rest who are looking
Good for you let everyone know who's the toughest guy so no one will look
You in the eye and the floor like it's a fucking war so nobody will want
To dance you're just a standard issue and all there is to say is fuck you.