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Nothing New

This song is by Backside and appears on the album No Today (1995).

What's going down what's going on with these people and places I don't
Belong in this atmosphere in this scenery things are far from the way
They used to be now blood red handshakes fill the air no one's thinking
No one cares just swing and kick and move along a scared little boy is now
Feeling strong these mixed up children this stupid shit the punch the hit
The miss the actions of an idiot everything is wrong and I'm sick of it I
See the pain I hear the cries the products of gossip tumors and lies the
Smoked filled room the bloodshot eyes the wasted time the wasted fucked up
Lives but you know it's nothing new the two faced fucker without a clue the
Brain dead in the corner with nothing better to do the know it all who
Don't know it all who don't know me from you it'sall been you know it's
Nothing new

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