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​Nothing Ahead

This song is by Backside and appears on the album Disconnected Misdirected (1997).

I've watched as freinds turn themselves into junkies on the street I see the cities from broken lives begging for food to eat I felt the fear deal all to clear as the sky turns to red they say the end is far from near but I see nothing ahead inside I run screaming awake me if I'm dreaming staring at the cealing trying to forget the day of nothing that's appealing and ones that are not healing I don't like what I'm feeling but don't know any other way I've heard so many lies it would drive anyone insane I've watched a thousand fights but not one person win a thing I've cried my tears in time of need wishing that I was dead they say that end is far from near but I see nothing ahead I can't take it these hypocrites they're calling out my name as if they know the way I feel and think that it's the same in everone because if they knew what I did I wouldn't feel so alone and so damn frustrated