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Locked Inside

This song is by Backside and appears on the album No Today (1995).

I'm standing here I'm up against this wall again man nothing's clear an
Angry mind has taken over I see you there you tell me that you're going
Somewhere I've heard that before and that somewhere always ends up back
Here you'll never know the pain I feel locked inside it has a hold on me
And you'll never know the pain is for real locked inside where no one can
See so what else can you do when you're out of your mind and everything
You've done just seems like wasted time all alone again trying to hold the
Memoriies of friends that were supposed to last now everything is moving so
Fast this pain in here well I can't take it any longer and everyday it
Grows and grows a little stronger you'll never know the pain I feel locked
Inside it has a hold on me and you'll never know this pain is for real
Locked inside where no one will ever see.

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