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​Little Problem

This song is by Backside and appears on the album Disconnected Misdirected (1997).

I don't know what I'm doing here I don't know what I've done I'm going wrong again it never ends am I the only one I don't belong and I never did fit in with anything outside I'm standing here in silence but inside I run screaming I've got a little problem there's something telling me to run away but not be afraid of unwanted memories I've got a little problem although its hard to see I can't deny what I feel inside and inside I am hurting from empty promises and broken hopes to many loses and I cope I look around but I can't seem to find antyhing to help change my mind do I want to live you ask or do I want to die a little bit a each I guess is my only reply as I try to hide in my face running from everything I wear a smile in the right place to get you on your way